Water for People, a global not-for-profit organisation, whose goal is to provide clean water for everyone, spoke to Dialogue Journal about how it is equipping its team with the skills to drive change and real impact.


Chief Executive of Water for People, Eleanor Allen, talked about the challenges and complexities that Water For People face in terms of its dispersed teams and reliance on volunteers from local communities.


Eleanor says, “The GC Index framework has given us a common language and framework, which is helping us understand how we each contribute, and then contribute as teams. This is key to helping us be a game-changing organisation.”


Water For People’s HR Lead, Michael Ksenyak, talks about how The GC IndexⓇ profiles individuals’ actual and potential contribution to their role, their team and organisational function.


Mike says, “The GC IndexⓇ gave teams direction and identities…It’s completely changed the way we communicate with each other and approach tasks and team selection – we now know how to structure a team or a collaborative project, and how to get the most out of our staff by placing them in the right roles and right environments for them.”

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