This month Mike O’Dell, Chief People Officer at WorldRemit – the UK’s fastest growing technology company – joined Dr John Mervyn-Smith, at The GC Index, to discuss HR’s responsibility to drive Innovation.

They discussed the fact change is nothing new. But the pace of change has put extraordinary pressure on organisations to adapt quickly, transform the way they do things and innovate, in order to survive and HR need to support this process.

Some executives make the mistake of believing they need to simply get the disruptors, Game Changers and innovators, into their organisation. However, successful organisational transformation needs a collaboration of different people to achieve their vision. At different points organisations will need the Strategists, Implementers, Play Makers, Polishers and Game Changers.

Mike O’Dell, Chief People Officer at WorldRemit says, “Innovation for Worldremit is finding new ways of doing things that are relevant to our customers, understanding what their needs are and then modifying what we do. Making sure we do all of this whilst complying with regulatory and compliance requirements. Staying fresh and providing new, quicker, ways for people to send money is key to us.”

Mike went on to explain that the HR’s role in achieving this is pivotal – there is no point in having an idea if you can’t execute it systemically.