It’s important to remember simply ‘doing’ something does not always mean you are being productive. When everything feels like it is taking too much effort for you, a team member or one of your family then something is amiss and it could be time to step back and reassess what you are doing.

There are lots of research studies to support this theory showing highly motivated employees create a more productive workplace. So, how can we tap into The GC Index® to help leaders re-energise their teams and organisations?

This was one of the questions Shantonu Chundur, the CEO of GC Partner Confluent Energy, asked Dr John Mervyn-Smith when we discussed the role of energy in organisations.

Shantonu and his team believe that for an individual to best make an impact, they must understand how to increase their energy levels and also what can lead to a drop in energy levels. This links nicely to our fundamental belief here at The GC Index that people go to work to be ‘potent’ they do not go to work to be ‘impotent’.

Nathan Ott, Chief Polisher at The GC Index, says, “We take a view that if people do something at work that they are good at and are making a positive impact that is valued, they will be energised in a way that realises their true potential.”

As Shantonu points out, “Organisations and individuals must sustain, build, harness and direct their energy to drive productivity and performance. A key component of this approach is the alignment of individual’s energies within teams and organisations to ensure they work together and energy flows.”

The GC Index® can help leaders align the natural energies of all of their people by providing a common language and framework for how they make an impact to a role, team and organisation.

It facilitates a symbiotic relationship between individual and collective energy that drives productivity, happiness and commercial results that have historically been difficult to simultaneously achieve.

Confluent Energy has developed an Organisational Energy Programme, powered by The GC Index, that augments the wellbeing, productivity and happiness, of the workforce and organisation.