When a company takes account of diversity and inclusion, its goal becomes one of attuning its mission, practices and strategies to provide a diverse workplace. At the same time, the power of diversity can be levered to create a real competitive advantage.

If you are a business looking to take account of diversity and inclusion in the right way, then looking at recruiting and making the most of a diverse team is vital.

The value of diversity
Diversity brings with it a great deal of value for any organisation. Consider it to be an in-built understanding that every person within the company is recognised due to their individuality.

This could be based upon anything, be it ethnic group, religion, age or something else.

The right mix of people needs to be attained in order to enable a successful diversity strategy to be implemented. By making use of the GC Index® Change Maker Profile,™ you will be able to see how each member of the team can contribute to powerful organisational performance.

When establishing a positive ROI long-term, this is the way to go.

The GC Index helps support each person during the transformational change process, being an effective change management tool.

By providing invaluable insight, each person is enabled to tap into their natural strengths, using them to the fullest when contributing to the change process and the success of the team.

The GC Index and diversity
Teams excel when they are made up of the right mix of individuals. Each needs to feel comfortable in their role and able to thrive.

The GC Index will identify whether there are sufficient Game Changers present in order to transform, Strategists to create a road map, Implementers to take care of completion of tasks, Polishers to refine the product/service and Play Makers to understand the value of each individual in order to hit set goals.

The offshoot is a working environment that garners respect, recognising each person for who they are and understanding that playing to their differences maximises potential.

Diversity and its many benefits
As well as enhancing the company’s reputation whilst maximising profitability, diversity can be used to provide a wealth of employee opportunities. This is important when building a business case for diversity, as well as for the organisation more generally. As people flourish from working within an organisation that values them, mutual respect is cultivated.

As employees with varying backgrounds and cultures intermingle, they learn from each other, appreciating the fact that sometimes a different contribution is required to bring about a successful solution.

As each person’s diversity is understood, it can be harnessed by the team to achieve the sought-after results.

As the business benefits, so do the individuals, no longer hesitating when it comes to taking on a set role or accepting ownership of the actual outcome. Job satisfaction is on a high and individuals are empowered to do what they do best.

By harnessing the power of diversity within your business, you will be heading towards establishing a true culture of respect.

Here each team member will be inspired, bringing about tangible organisational success.

The value of inclusion
Before we talk about inclusion, let’s look at what it is. If we apply it to the working environment, it would be a place where each person is treated respectfully and fairly.

Access to opportunities and resources would be absolutely equal, enabling everyone to contribute towards the accomplishments of the team.

As far as corporate culture is concerned, inclusion contributes greatly to the way in which each staff member engages.

Creating a setting where everyone feels appreciated is key, particularly with those who have the least amount of representation.

Inclusion and the GC Index Change Maker Profile
The GC Index® enables businesses of any type to ascertain the level of inclusivity within their business environment.

By understanding how type of group feels, things like bullying and misconduct can become things of the past.

All will feel that they are within surroundings where communication is transparent and easy.

With this knowledge in place, inclusion initiatives can be put in place that will benefit all.

According to the group into which they fall, different employees will experience a variety of feelings.

Apply this to certain categories such as LGBT or female members of staff and you will see the benefits of ensuring that all can express freedom of opinion.

As new development opportunities open up to them, the business will naturally begin to create an in-depth understanding of each person’s capabilities.

No-one should feel they have to hold back when it comes to raising issues or putting forward their own opinions and ideas.
The benefits of inclusion

When your company harnesses the full power of inclusion, many benefits will manifest:

  • Reporting on issues of concern, such as misconduct, can be dealt with safely and effectively. Cases of bullying or mistreatment can be tackled as soon as they occur.
  • You receive in-depth understanding of each person’s experience within the working environment. By enabling each to put forward their own suggestions and/or comments, improvement within the culture can be accurately measured. Use this insight to positively improve your business.
  • Employee engagement will rise. Watch as performance improves, increasing productivity and furthering staff retention.
  • Develop leaders, helping everyone within the business to reach their full potential. Tap into the voices around you, understanding how they want to progress.

Diversity and inclusion training
When you make available diversity and inclusion training, employees naturally begin to appreciate and understand how things such as religious, sexual or cultural differences can impact upon the way people interact and contribute.

Businesses can benefit by deliberately mixing up teams, bringing together a melting pot of different talents, each with their own strengths.

By blending genders, ages and cultural backgrounds, amazing things can happen.

When a variety of experiences and perspectives are brought together, inspiration is often the result. This is particularly interesting where problem solving is required as different approaches are essential in order to drive innovation and boost performance.

Individuals should not have to walk through the door of the office and leave part of themselves behind; by bringing 100% of their self to work, they will no longer have to hold back when it comes to drawing upon their unique thoughts and ideas.

Make it easy for different voices to be heard, seeing these variations as something to be celebrated.

By educating and engaging with each employee with regard to diversity and inclusion, you can be sure that everyone is following the same path, irrespective of their dissimilarities. You know that when things are continually done in the same way, the same results transpire.

Shake things up, deliberately include diverse groups of people at strategic points and be inspired.

Taking account of diversity and inclusion requires a shift in the way of thinking, not just the application of strategic initiatives. Think of it as a cultural movement and keep the momentum going.

The GC Index works with businesses to help get the right corporate culture in place to support diversity & inclusion. Check out their Diversity and Inclusion Programmes here.