GC Partner OEE Consulting and gobeyond believe so and as a result have joined forces to create a new organisation – Gobeyond Partners.

Gobeyond Partners is a powerful new business formed by integrating the strengths of OEE Consulting and gobeyond. It is a collective of talented people working alongside some of the world’s best known organisations. A business built on 20 years of experience and expertise, with a dynamic new approach that combines award-winning consulting and training, innovative technology and next-generation managed services. Most of all, the team have an unrelenting dedication to partnering with clients to shape their businesses for the better. This is achieved through a commitment to working alongside clients to positively transform human experience, or HX. 

“HX is an acronym for human experience. We use this to reflect a focus that looks beyond customer experience to the bigger picture. It’s people who matter.

Customers who help shape the products and services you provide. Colleagues who make the difference between good customer service, and a great experience.

If it’s people who are the difference between a good business and a great business – shouldn’t we be looking at transformation through a more human lens?

To enhance the experience of every person interacting with an organisation takes a different kind of approach. One which looks beyond the customer experience, to focus on the bigger picture – the human experience, or HX.”

For more information on Gobeyond Partners and how they use our Organimetric at The GC Index to support their proposition see their GC Partner page here