Through our work we aim to help at least 10% of the world’s population understand their Game-Changing impact.

Hosted in partnership with Dialogue Review, The GC People Leader Series meets leaders around the world who are changing the game for the better. Through a series of interviews we share the experience and stories from individuals who have a track record of leading and inspiring others to do great things. Whether from the world of business, art, sports, entertainment, education or another specialism they all hold a common belief that everyone in the world has the potential to make a positive impact in their world.

Using The GC Index® as a language and framework to articulate and underpin the basis of their success, GC People Leaders are interviewed by an accredited GCologist. The articles and short film clips that form part of our GC People Leader Series have been designed to help others in understanding how they can best make an impact in their world.

Neil Carberry is the CEO of REC and in this GC People Leader Interview he describes what it is like to be a Play Maker

Diversity and regeneration expert Loraine Martins MBE wants people to have a fair chance at work. Loraine uses her GC Index profile to give life to her game-changing strategies.

In this edition of The GC People Leader Series John Franklin-Hackett, Founder and CEO at GC Partner Franklin Hackett Ltd, talks to Annette Andrews, former Chief People Officer at Lloyds of London, about her career.

When you think of the best coaches in history then this man must be on the list. We speak to Frank Dick OBE on what it is like to be a Game Changer coach…

In this edition of The GC Index People Leader Series Dr GC interviews Will Serle, Chief People Officer at Capita. He is responsible for implementing the foundations to drive the future people agenda, supporting and advising the organisation to evolve Capita’s culture and ways of working for our employees.

In this edition of The GC Index People Leader Series, Natalee Holmes talks to Allistair McCaw. Allistair is one of the world’s leading figures in maximizing human performance, leadership and developing winning team cultures.

In this edition of The GC People Leader Series Dr John Mervyn-Smith, Chief Psychologist at The GC Index, talks to Cliff Prior, CEO at Big Society Capital, about what it is to be a Game Changer / Strategist Leader.

Ryan Glover is a professional footballer for Bournemouth AFC in the English Football Premier League. He signed his first professional contract in May 2019.

In this edition of The GC Index People Leader Series, GC Partner Lucy Brown, Founder of Lucy Brown Consulting, talks to Ton Dobbe, Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer at Value Inspiration.