Through our work we aim to help at least 10% of the world’s population understand their Game-Changing impact.

Hosted in partnership with Dialogue Review, The GC People Leader Series meets leaders around the world who are changing the game for the better. Through a series of interviews we share the experience and stories from individuals who have a track record of leading and inspiring others to do great things. Whether from the world of business, art, sports, entertainment, education or another specialism they all hold a common belief that everyone in the world has the potential to make a positive impact in their world.

Using The GC Index® as a language and framework to articulate and underpin the basis of their success, GC People Leaders are interviewed by an accredited GCologist. The articles and short film clips that form part of our GC People Leader Series have been designed to help others in understanding how they can best make an impact in their world.

When you think of the best coaches in history then this man must be on the list. We speak to Frank Dick OBE on what it is like to be a Game Changer coach…

Giles is a Professor of Business, Sustainability & Society. With a huge passion for sustainability, which was a focus of his doctoral dissertation back in 1994, he directs hands-on MBA consulting projects.

Melanie Burke is an award-winning social innovator who is also an experienced people and development practitioner. She brings together the academic and practical knowledge required for impact entrepreneurship and societal change.

In this edition of The GC People Leader Series we take a look back over Andy Baker’s 40 year teaching career and how he made his impact with his colleagues and those he taught.

Simon Court, CEO at GC Partner Value Partnership, talks to Serge about what makes him tick and how his GC Index profile has underpinned his decisions to change career and chase the idea of This is Beyond.

Jason Nash has worked for most of the last 25 years in a range of businesses primarily involved in digital transformation or digital product management in a number of different organisations.

In this edition of The GC Index People Leader Series Dr GC interviews Sharon Kemp, CEO for Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council.

In our latest ‘The GC Index People Leader Series’ Shann van Rensburg, Founder and CEO at GC Partner SQ Unlimited, talks to Themba Chakela, Principle Head, Human Resources, Dimension Data Middle East & Africa about his career success to date and how operating in the strategic game changing space has underpinned that success. Themba also introduces himself as ‘The People Guy’.

In this edition of The GC Index People Leader Series, GC Partner Lucy Brown, Founder of Lucy Brown Consulting, talks to Ton Dobbe, Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer at Value Inspiration.