Lockdown is forcing digital business transformation to happen on a mass scale and at such a quick pace. Some see this as a huge opportunity for their businesses and others are concerned about what this means for their jobs and how to navigate through.

TM Forum recently ran an article including thoughts from GC Partners TM Forum, Detecon and OrgVue, as well as Huawei and Vodafone as part of a new collaboration project we are working with them on called Digital Organizational Transformation (DOT), which helps companies realise the full potential of transformation by addressing organisational and cultural change.

Mike Smith, Telco Client Director at GC Partner OrgVue, says he sees organisations taking a three-step journey, specifically in their response to Covid-19:

  1. Emergency response – using data to understand current status and well-being of the workforce
  2. Crisis management – how to maintain the provision of critical products and services
  3. Focus on the future – thinking ahead about how to accelerate post-crisis recovery

There are two crucial areas communications service providers (CSPs) should focus on: people and business.

He says, “The health crisis represents a different set of business challenges, where data is key and the devil’s in the details, like which roles are critical, who is available to work and so on, and then being able to bring all of that together.”

There are a myriad of newly formed distributed workforces and remote workers across organisations that are under a new level of stress that can manifest negatively on the wellbeing of our people. Given the sudden forced changes in their workplaces, it is more important than ever before for people to feel connected to and valued by the business by being able to individually and collectively make a contribution.

This is where The GC Index® can help by connecting the impact on people to business outcomes, looking into areas such as employee well-being, the environments they’re working in, open communications, whether the right people are doing the right work, if they’re actually energized by that work and if they’re making a contribution.

Björn Menden, Managing Partner at GC Partner Detecon says, “One of the most mission critical infrastructures at the moment is telecommunications, and communication service providers need to digitise their processes, safeguard their processes and take maintenance of those processes into account.”

With the right data and organisational modelling capability, organisations can best adapt and address each stream either separately or concurrently using a DOT-style approach. Together we have created a framework to do just this, underpinned by The GC Index – you can read more about this here.

To read the article in full please visit the TM Forum here.