Last month, we held our very first GC Partner Summit, GC Connect, to empower our network of GCologists and GC Partners and share how individuals, teams and organisations are using The GC Index® to support them in making a game-changing impact.

Over 100 GCologists and GC Partners from the UK, Romania, the USA, Nigeria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Germany gathered at The Flowerpot Hoxton, on the 14th March. During the event attendees got the opportunity to share how they are making an impact and driving innovation and diversity using The GC Index®.

Barbara Lancaster, Practice Leader and Parallel Planet LLC said, “We use The GC Index® to help our clients outperform any track record of successful projects they have ever had – and that’s because people get to do the roles they love to do and contribute real results to their companies.”

Thank you to our fantastic line up of speakers

Dr John Mervyn-Smith, Chief Psychologist at The GC Index and Nathan Ott, Chief Polisher at The GC Index began by taking us back to the beginning, explaining how The GC Index® all started and where we are now.

GC Connect – Session 1 – Nathan Ott & Dr GC Introduce GC Connect from The GC Index on Vimeo.

Simon Etherington, Chief Strategist at The GC Index, then welcomed our fabulous panel to the stage to talk about how we can bridge the gap between HR and the business: Jo Geraghty, Director of Culture Consultancy; Zein Messina, Senior Leadership & Development Partner at ARM; Trudie Adcock, Head of Leadership Development at Santander and Björn Menden, Managing Partner at Detecon.

GC Connect – Session 2 – Bridging the gap between HR & Business from The GC Index on Vimeo.

These sessions were followed with stories from our GC Partners about how they are using The GC Index with clients, new products and an update from The Young People Index and The Change Maker Profile. You can find films of our GC Summit on our Vimeo and YouTube Channels.

The event provided a great opportunity to network and open new doors. Roxanne Mocanu, General Manager at Noosfera, said, “I am very proud to be part of The GC Index vision. The event was high energy, dynamic and impactful – it was an amazing day, with some lively conversations and learning.”