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Let loose

The Sunday Times – Let loose the Game Changers

LET LOOSE THE GAME CHANGERS Some people can transform a firm — and they don’t have to be in the boardroom. A “game changer”, according our new survey, displays qualities such as strategic thinking, ambition and risk-taking. “These are individuals at all levels of organisations that can change an organisation,” said Nathan Ott, CEO at eg.1. Visit […]

Martial Arts

Training Journal – Organisations are failing to spot Game Changers

ORGANISATIONS ARE FAILING TO SPOT GAME CHANGERS The research conducted for ‘The DNA of a Game Changer’ revealed that 18 per cent of leaders say Game Changers are the most sought after group when recruiting. A further 84 per cent of leaders/managers do not believe a Game Changer has to hold a senior role in an […]

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The GC Index CEO explains his Game Changers inspiration

THE GC INDEX CEO EXPLAINS HIS GAME CHANGERS INSPIRATION So why commission a report into Game Changers? Nathan Ott, CEO of The GC Index, explains where his inspiration came from. For over 15 years I have sat across the table from senior executives trying to help them describe the key talent they need to drive […]


Training Journal – Discover your unique talent to identify Game Changers

DISCOVER YOUR UNIQUE TALENT TO IDENTIFY GAME CHANGERS All organisations dream of having that something special, those employees with an unbelievably unique talent whose visions and actions have the potential to really change the way things are done around the business. Read more at The Training Journal.


ChangeBoard – New Game, New Rules, New Team

ARE YOU ‘BUSINESS AS USUAL’ OR A ‘GAME-CHANGER’? Nathan Ott and Dr. John Mervyn-Smith look at the importance of ensuring that companies give staff the freedom to explore potentially disruptive ideas they may have and allow them to reach their full potential, whilst still maintaining the organisations ‘business as usual’ approach. One example being rugby players, […]

Kite flying

TM Forum – Now’s the time to let your game changers fly

GAME CHANGERS. THEY EXIST. But they are incredibly rare and quite often understated. People with an unbelievably unique talent – people whose visions and actions have the potential to really change way things are done in your business. They are more than high potentials or difficult employees: they are Game Changers. Here Nathan Ott, eg.1 […]


Facilities Management Journal – Time To Change The Game

TIME TO CHANGE THE GAME Nathan Ott, eg.1 CEO, explains why organisations should be looking at an individual’s contribution to their company rather than their personality type and how this leads to identifying and supporting a game changer who might otherwise be stifled and over looked.


HR Magazine – HR Magazine & The GC Index

STAFF FROM HR MAGAZINE TOOK THE GROUND BREAKING ASSESSMENT TOOL THE GC INDEX What did they make of it, did they find it of value and what they learnt, will it be of benefit going forward? The answer appears to be a resounding yes, to see their thoughts and scores online visit HR Magazine. Get […]


Dialogue Magazine – The formula that breeds confidence

eg.1’s CHIEF PSYCHOLOGIST DR JOHN MERVYN-SMITH WRITES FOR DIALOGUE MAGAZINE ON TRUSTING IN THE WORKPLACE. Trust would appear to be hard-wired but yet many employers do not trust their employees. However, respect and trust top the list of what employees value the most. What can be done and how can ground-breaking tool The GC Index […]

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Recruitment Buzz cover eg.1’s new research

RECRUITMENT BUZZ COVER eg.1’S NEW RESEARCH eg.1’s new study finds employers need to do more to recognise and value the contribution Game Changers can bring and think differently about the way they manage, promote and reward their team. Whilst many large organisations recruit Game Changers to help them make transformational change it is clear, that […]

People Profiling

HR Magazine – Can software profile people better than HR?

HR Magazine interviews Dr John Mervyn-Smith, Chief Psychologist at eg.1, to find out whether you can ever truly use software to measure areas and qualities previously thought to be the domain of a less scientific approach or human intuition. John talks about The GC Index and how organisations and recruiters can use it to identify […]


HR Zone – Now is the time to help ‘game changers’ to transform our future

If you think game changers are a different breed, then you are right, so says Nathan Ott, Co-Founder of The GC Index. Our research, The DNA of a Game Changer, shows game changers are unlike others – they have the potential to transform our future. In our rapidly changing world, businesses are faced with challenges […]